Meet our Member- Emily Carlson

My name is Emily Carlson. I am a native Chisago Lakes Community Member. Born and Raised. I graduated from Chisago Lakes High School, and have worked within the community for most of my adult life.  My parents and my two sisters (and their families) are also still living and working in this community. Growing up I had grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins who lived within the Chisago Lakes area. It was great having so much family so close by. 

Growing up I was very active in band, drama, and my church. I played clarinet in the symphonic and marching bands, I led the music for my church's Sunday School program, I taught piano and guitar lessons, and was in a local traveling choir. I also did a lot of volunteering, which I can thank my parents for instilling in me at a very young age. We did many acts of service as a family, and my sisters and I have passed this onto our kids as well. 

In College I originally pursued a degree in Special Education. After a couple of months I switched my major to Music. Eventually, it became evident that college just wasn’t my calling, and I immediately became a wife and mother.  I now have two daughters, 23 and 13.  

In high school I started working for my dad selling medical equipment, which began a 20 year career in health care. In March of 2020 I took over managing the Assisted Living in Taylors Falls, and in Sept of 2021, I chose to leave the healthcare field. I am now back to working in what was my original desired career- Special Education.  I work with special ed students at the High School as a Job Coach, teaching students work skills. I look forward to going to work everyday- and I have the perfect audience for all my corny jokes!

Some of the things I like to do in my free time- play piano, guitar, crochet, read, garden, bake bread, and host my monthly "ladies patio days" in the summer. I'm also a coffee addict, and will never say no to a coffee date with friends. But the thing I enjoy most is just being with my kids, and my extended family, especially going to see local theatre and musicals together!

I joined our Chisago Lakes Rotary Club around 2019.  I was invited by our fellow Rotarian Darlene Shafer. Darlene and I worked together in the Senior Care Industry, and she asked me to serve on the Rotary to help with social media and website content.  Rotary has been a great way to give back to my community. I’m also very involved in my local church, the Chisago Age Well Coalition, the Shafer Days Planning Committee, and the annual Swedish Sankta Lucia Program. I also played clarinet in the St. Croix Valley Orchestra until 2020.  Rotary allows me to be community minded, while enjoying the company of great people!  I would encourage anyone to join Rotary- it’s been very rewarding, and I’m so grateful to have met many great friends.