Rotary initiatives do not happen without it's dedicated our own Judy Chartrand.

Judy Chartrand’s career journey started as a psychology major at the UMN (PhD in Counseling). She taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, and then got a chance to work remote, so she moved back home. She spent most of her career building educational and career development materials. SHe also spent 6 years in the building industry supporting a large company with 725 businesses in the US/Canada, helping them find and develop leaders. ​​

What Are You Getting Out of Rotary?

Positive Mindset and Moral Compass. Our Rotary Club is always open to new ideas and to supporting each other’s ideas. We are a “can-do” group and that inspires me. Rotary’s Four-Way Test (Truth, Fairness, Build Friendships, Beneficial to All) and our pledge of Service about Self, are simple, straightforward, and they serve as a great morale compass when I make decisions.

How Will You Be a Different Person Through Your Experience with Rotary?

I do not know if the difference will be a small bite or a big slice, and it probably doesn’t matter. Rotary has changed me for the better. I have become more intentional….and I certainly enjoy the fellowship with others who want to make a positive difference in the community.

Why Did You Join Rotary?

In 2009, I was looking for a service organization, a group that shared my values and passions…and I found the perfect fit. I love our “Service Above Self” motto, and thoroughly enjoy our Chisago Lakes community service. I have also been pleasantly surprised by our global reach. We have filled 2 schools in South Africa with books and computer equipment, and we helped send life-saving ultrasound equipment and a medical training team to Jamica. We did this with about 30 members.