Meet our Member: Patricia McCleese

My name is Patricia McCleese. If I lived in Chisago Lake area I would join

your club so Iconsider myself a “Honorary” member.
I joined Rotary in 2007 because I was asked. One of the board members

was a Rotarian and suggested that our nonprofit become a member. I was

the Program Manager and worked with the volunteers so it was a natural fit.

I enjoyed meeting the members and learning more about the local community.

However, I did not find a niche, a value, or maybe a connection so after a

year and a half, I was going to resign. Then the president-elect asked me to

go to a district meeting with a few of the board members. We carpooled to a

high school that had seen a lot of years but the speakers and presentations

made the place beautiful. My understanding of what Rotary has to offer

expanded and I was hooked on the potential of what we can do as clubs.

I served on my club’s board in almost every job and became president in

2018-2019. That was my best year in Rotary. I had so much fun. During that

year, I went from being a member to being a Rotarian. At the end of that

presidential year, I was like an energizer bunny eager to do more. I

volunteered on the district level with Ethics, Strive, Literacy.
Was extremely lucky to go to Germany on a Friendship Exchange.
Then when a letter to past-presidents arrived to ask about the District Governor position, I paused and considered. I talked with my husband and considered. I asked my club and considered. I considered until 30 minutes before the deadline. The rest is history.

This year, there are many days that I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world. I am constantly meeting people who want to make this place a better world for everyone to live in. I am pleased that the district has a three-year visioning plan focused on membership. I love the three-year initiative Make Peace Visible. We introduced a lot of information with the hope that it will be more fully utilized over the next two years. My hope is that the newsletter, newsy notes, notes to clubs, conferences etc strengthen the connection between the clubs and the district. We are in this together.