Speaker – Dr. Amanda Klinger –

“Marijuana use and attitudes toward Marijuana” 

Amanda is a licensed psychologist and is in the role of senior clinician at Hazelden Plymouth, where she primarily does assessments and therapy with young men between the ages of 12 and 26 who are in inpatient chemical dependency treatment. She also supervises students and interns there, and does some college teaching. She earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in Oregon in 2012, and has spent her professional career with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Dr. Klinger’s presentation was on the results of a survey Hazelden did with Q Market Research about marijuana use and attitudes toward marijuana.

On Tuesday, May 26th Scott Frischmon and Ed Wakefield, Chisago Lakes Middle School Industrial Technology instructors, spoke about their new 3D printer.  Our Rotary club was introduced  to the STEM education initiative and how much the 3D printer will help students to apply what they have been learning in the design field. 

With the help of the Chisago Lakes Rotary Club a new 3D printer was purchased for the Middle School

The Chisago Lakes Rotary club with help from local volunteers planted:

25 Red Maple trees

25 American Plum

50 Red Osier Dogwood

50 Juneberry

25 Chokeberry

25 Nanking cherry

One-inch caliper bare root trees:

10 Hackberry 

10 Red Maple 

One-inch caliper trees in 10 gallon containers:

12 Burr Oak

12 White Oak

12 Swamp Oak

5 Paper Birch

ROTARY PARK - Chisago City, MN

NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR ROTARY CLUBS....  your club can help!

Success - Goal Meet!  Watch for more news!

The Chisago Lakes Rotary Club is doing the preliminary work on a global grant with the May Pen Rotary Club in May Pen Jamaica. With a grant from Rotary Internation and your club's help we will be providing ultrasound machines, cardiac monitoring equipment for emergency rooms, and and blood pressure monitoring equipment for their health clinics.  If your club would like more information please email us at info@chisagolakesrotary.org.

If your club has not been involved in an International Rotary Project, this is a great way to start!