After leaving the Navy in 1970, I landed in Denver, enrolled in college and worked for Western Electric. When living in Denver for 5 years, I thought Colorado would be my forever home but after graduation in 1974 I decided to go back in the Navy as an officer and ended up back in P-3s in California’s “Silicon Valley” at NAS Moffett Field. I married a Santa Clara Valley girl; we had one son in 1984 and were married for 31 years. Those years included Navy assignments at Moffett Field (operational squadron and training tours), a two year staff assignment in Japan, two tours at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey and one tour on the USS Enterprise out of Alameda. After retiring from the Navy in 1991, I worked for Borland Software and Seagate Technology both in Scotts Valley, CA (near Santa Cruz).

After my son and wife died in 2009 and 2010 it was clear that I needed to go back to my roots in Minnesota. Always a Minnesotan at heart, I still had three siblings and their families living in Lindstrom and North Branch. It took me 10 years to complete the transition, living in Minnesota during the summers and California in the winter but I finally committed to Minnesota in October 2021 when I sold
my last residence in California. I have since rejoined my family, living in Lindstrom on the north-shore of South Lindstrom Lake.

I am a Chisago County Historical Society member and Board Member for the Karl Oskar House. My Swedish heritage in the county dates back to 1880 and 1890. I have always had a deep sense of the immigration history of Chisago County. Growing up here as a Boy Scout, I have always had a deep appreciation for the Native American, French fur trapper/St Croix River Valley and agricultural history of the county. During my years in California I was a BSA adult leader for 20 years but I always compared the California experience to Order of the Arrow ceremonies at Tomahawk Scout Reservation back home.

I am retired and fill my time with home improvements in Lindstrom, observing nature on the lake and playing with old cars at my property near Almelund. Working in the woods during the winter is particularly gratifying.

I have joined Chisago Lakes Rotary because it offers the opportunity to meet people in the community who are making positive things happen. I enjoy hands on projects that become a part of the community or being able to personally touch people who are in need.

Pete Lindberg

Meet our Member- Peter Lindberg]

​Greetings from Peter Lindberg. I grew up in North Branch right across from the old “School Block” on Main Street. When I was 14 our family sold the Standard Service Station at Highways 61 and 95 and moved
to a farm 2 miles west of Almelund. After graduation from North Branch High School I attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for 4 quarters. Under pressure from the draft during the height of the 1966 Vietnam buildup, I enlisted in the Navy. I ended up in a very desirable billet, flying as enlisted aircrew in the Navy’s P-3 Orion antisubmarine and maritime surveillance aircraft stationed in Hawaii. Two deployments to Okinawa and the Philippines opened my eyes to the larger world of
Southeast Asia.